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Millennial Marketing in a Gen Z World: Tips for Keeping Up Technologically

Social media outlets can get a bad rep for constantly making changes…but, honestly, that’s kind of their job! Even though it might feel overwhelming, remember that these updates are ultimately intended for user (that’s you!) satisfaction and overall improvement. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Where would we be without three-minute-long TikToks, the Link Sticker, or Instagram Shopping?! All of these features are relatively new, but we’re already getting used to the convenience of their perks.

We know you don’t want to spend hours researching and learning how to adapt just in time for a new change to come about. Because we love you and want you to succeed, here are some tips for easy ways you can keep up with it all without getting sucked into the drama!

In The App:

Remember that every time you hop on social media, whether for personal reasons or professional purposes, you’re already doing the work of staying up to date with the latest trends. Go you! While you’re in the app, you might as well help yourself out a little more intentionally by following accounts that will share tips and tricks right to your feed.

For starters, be sure to follow the official account for whatever platforms you are using. Accounts like @instagram @meta @twitter and @tiktok will post general updates, inspirations for staying active, and demonstrations for how to use their newest features effectively.

Then, surround yourself with everyday experts, and ask questions! Follow our page (@millennialmrktg) for advice, and definitely get in our DMs if you need something more specific. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or accounts you follow about what their social media strategies look like. Interact with these helpful accounts every time you see their content to keep them active in your algorithm! Before you know it you’ll be educating yourself without even trying. Here are some of our Instagram besties we think you should follow: @thesocialmediaoga @spoonfulofstrategy

Outside The App:

Believe it or not, everyone born after 2002 doesn’t automatically know how to work new social media features– they’re just really good friends with Google! By the time you’ve Google searched your question about how to put music in your stories or why you can’t find your drafts anymore, 100 Youtube tutorials have already been posted about it. It’s 2022– the world is at your fingertips!!


A great place to check in on the latest news-worthy happenings in our field is Social Media Today. SMT shares top stories on content, marketing, digital strategy, and platform updates. We Are Social Media is another helpful website for keeping a finger on the pulse of the digital marketing world– with a breaking news section for each social platform, you’ll be able to find all the info you need and FAST.


One way to stay ahead of the game is by subscribing to regular newsletters who will do the research for you and deposit all the juicy details directly into your inbox! What could be easier? There are tons of excellent newsletters out there, so feel free to shop around and find the one that works for you.

Social Media Today offers a daily newsletter filled with the basics you need to know around updates, social strategy, content marketing, influencer marketing, digital marketing, and more. Make this daily email a part of your morning routine– skim it while you drink your coffee or walk your dog!

If a daily newsletter feels like too much too fast, Matt Navarra drops a newsletter every Friday with his social media consultant expertise on what’s new and where to learn more. Subscribe to his Geekout Newsletter here!


The only thing easier than reading an email newsletter is having someone read that newsletter to you. No time in your schedule to keep up with a newsletter? A good podcast will let you learn on the go, while you’re doing the dishes,folding laundry, or driving to the gym. It’s free, allows you to multitask, and you might even feel like you’ve made a new friend once you get hooked on one.

Social Media Marketing Talk Show by Social Media Examiner really did not beat around the bush when choosing a name for their podcast– it’s exactly what it sounds like: a show that talks about Social Media Marketing! Keeping with that value of directness, each episode is quick, to-the-point, and current. The topics are pretty broad, so it may not apply to you directly each week, but you’re bound to learn something new and helpful in under 30 minutes!

The Social Savvy podcast hosted by Andréa Jones has an archive of helpful how-to’s and interviews on every relatable topic EVER. If you need applicable content now, this one is for you! We promise you’ll love Andréa! She’s down-to-earth, keeps it brief, and her marketing is *so* cute. We could listen to her all day!

The number one key to success in keeping up technologically? Stay positive! Approach new changes with curiosity rather than frustration. And if staying familiar with each platform you want to be active on becomes too much, hire us! It’s literally our job to stay up to date on these things and it’s what we love to do. As always, we’ve got your back! Small businesses have to stick together. <3

See you out there in cyberspace!

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