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Capturing Moments, Creating Impact

Marketers have been saying it for decades, but video is king! One of the biggest mistakes that we see companies make is not investing enough energy into their video efforts. However, that sometimes just comes down to having an experienced marketing professional giving them tasks that they can complete.

Why Choose Millennial Marketing?


We like to keep it casual. No need to memorize lines or read from a sheet. We keep content conversational so that your audience actually wants to watch it.

No Guesswork

Before filming, we'll tell you exactly which videos we're filming and give you access to our filming notes so that you can visualize it ahead of time. We'll also tell you how many outfit changes to bring and if there are any props we'll need.


Our filming prices continue to stay lower than average among our competitors. Get great content without breaking the bank!

Package Options

Our company is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes with their marketing efforts. Because of this, we maintain a flexible pricing structure and create custom packages for each client so that we can best meet their needs. We do not require a contract of any kind, allowing you to stop and start as your budget and resources allow. The packages listed below are some of our more popular ones among current clients.

Video Prompts + Edits

Many businesses struggle with brainstorming and creating video content to be used in their social media strategy. Our team will provide you with 2 video prompts per week with specific instructions on the content we'll need you to film or provide us. You then upload that content to an established Google Drive, then we edit and reupload the finished videos for you to post! This is a great supplemental package for folks that need a hand but aren't quite ready to hand over the reigns.


Miscellaneous Filming + Editing

We charge hourly for any miscellaneous filming and editing needs your business may have. You can reach out to schedule a time for us to come out and film on location or you can just send us the content that you need edited. We bill every 15 minutes.


Ready to Get Started?

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