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Blog Writing

Engaging Content to Tell Your Story

Search engines like Google have made it clear that the way to increase your website traffic is to provide detailed content on each page that answers a question or otherwise helps the user with their query. In order to do this, you not only need to have clear and substantial copywriting on each page of your website, but you also need to be updating it with new copy regularly. That means adding blog content.

Why Choose Millennial Marketing?

Understanding Your Voice

As professional blog writers, we pride ourselves in being able to understand and mimic your company (or personal) voice, even as contractors. We want this service to be another way for your demographic to get to know you, and being able to write in your voice is pivotal to reaching that goal.

Multi-Platform Promotion

Just posting a blog on your website isn't enough. It takes keyword focus, social media promotion, and updates to your Google account for you to get traction to the new page. Our team helps you organize and execute this effort so that you get the best results possible.

Evergreen Copy

Content on your website is so valuable and we want to make sure that it works for your business long-term, which is why we focus on creating evergreen content that we apply to and help your business for years to come.

Package Options

Our company is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes with their marketing efforts. Because of this, we maintain a flexible pricing structure and create custom packages for each client so that we can best meet their needs. We do not require a contract of any kind, allowing you to stop and start as your budget and resources allow. The packages listed below are some of our more popular ones among current clients.

Blog Writing

You can choose to send as few or as many as you'd like per month. There is no adjustment to the fee depending on the number of email subscribers you have. If you do not already have an email platform set up, we will happily walk you through your options and set up your account (with you as the owner) for you. The fees for these platforms will be charged to you directly. We do not act as a middle man for these companies. You can expect to spend $35-50 per month to the platform of your choice.


Ready to Get Started?

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