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Who We Are

We are a group of creatives from all over the United States who value honesty, hard work, and creativity in our work. Millennial Marketing started as a one-woman show in Bel Air, MD in 2018 and was able to overcome the challenges of COVID to grow and thrive as the company it is today. We are woman-owned and -operated and work on a mostly remote basis in order to help companies all over the world with their online presence and conversions. Our team is educated and motivated to give you the best experience you've ever had working with a marketing agency. You can expect custom strategies and ideas, direct and relaxed conversations, and best of all- RESULTS! Interested in getting a hand with your social media, Google search rankings, video editing, and more? Why not work with a company that offers flexible pricing and no contracts for recurring work? We have proven success with companies across dozens of different industries and we're confident that we can help your business grow, too.

Millennial Marketing Team Locations

Malia Schreiber, Owner

How Millennial Marketing Started

In 2018, Malia was a single mom living in downtown Bel Air, MD. She was burnt out working in sales and knew she needed a job that provided a better quality of life for her and her son. One day she was taking photos of her son at taekwondo practice on Main Street and the owner of the studio asked her if she'd be interested in taking photos for the studio and uploading them to their Facebook. They offered her $150/month and she spent the rest of the practice in shock that companies would be so readily willing to pay for someone to just keep their Facebook updated. That day, she took her son (in full taekwondo uniform) up and down Main Street visiting every single business she passed and asked if they needed help with their social media. Within 3 months, she quit her full-time job and Millennial Marketing was born. The first two years were a lot of trail and error. We had to figure things out as we went. But in 2020 the company made a real shift and was able to take on bigger clients and bring on more experienced team members. Of course, that year COVID hurt a lot of businesses around the country and we were fortunate enough to be able to help them get through that difficult period and keep their sales consistent. Running a business is a never-ending learning process, but we're so proud of the company we've built and continue to grow.

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