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Give me video content or give me death

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

It shouldn’t be a secret by now that video content is taking the reins across social media platforms (thanks, TikTok). Scroll through your timeline and see for yourself! It’s not just teens dancing on the internet anymore– it’s businesses, too! And, while you don’t need to dance to be successful, we hope that these tips encourage you to start recording!

According to Wix, consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video advertisement for it, and brands who use video marketing experience over 40% higher website traffic than brands who don’t. More than 50% of consumers say they want more video content from their favorite brands and businesses.

Why is video content proving more successful than still content, you ask? There are several contributing factors. Social media posts succeed when they are visually engaging and tell a story that will hold viewer attention. That story can be educational, entertaining, or personal. While photos and graphics can be compelling, video content has a greater capacity to tell a complex story that keeps the viewer interested as a participant in that story. Video content of all sorts is popular among Gen Z audiences, but short form video is the most popular among all age groups, according to the GWI report on 2021 social media trends. With the continually rising popularity of TikTok, short form video is not going anywhere anytime soon. This type of media is performing best in our algorithms not only because Instagram and Facebook have to compete with TikTok, but also because so many categories of people are finding this type of content to be both entertaining and accessible. So, hear me when I say this– it’s not just a phase!

Don’t panic if you’re not sure how to keep up. We got you! Here are two simple tips to remember when it comes to video content right now: Use video whenever possible, and know that it does not have to be perfect in order to be effective.

  1. Use every video content across every feature available to you.

If you’re not already filming reels, now is the time! Reels will allow your content to gain a wider reach than feed posts. Always choose to post your reels to your feed as well, so your current audience doesn’t miss out. No need to feel intimidated! Reels can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. If you’re not sure what to post, jump on a trend and find a way to apply it to your niche. If you’re on TikTok, it’s 100% acceptable to crosspost your videos. Just be careful using videos that have a watermark! Instagram has been very clear about NOT wanting videos with a TikTok watermark floating around on their app.

Live Video is a great way to connect personally with your audience or other individuals in your field. Each live session is unique and allows you to showcase your personality organically! Followers are likely to jump in on a live session because they know it is a limited opportunity. If you haven’t tried a live session yet, schedule one with a friend or peer this week!

Get on your stories and show us what’s going on behind the scenes! People want to hear from YOU, and video is such a personable way to do this. Use the boomerang or the hands-free feature for easy filming options. Rather than posting all still photos, try sharing a short video with music.

Post videos or GIFs to your timeline every now and then– mix it up! IGTV is a great way to share longer videos on your social media, but anything that moves is likely to see greater engagement, and, over time, generate more leads and sales.

  1. It does not need to be perfect to be effective.

We all remember the days of perfectly curated Instagram feeds and grid designs, but (thankfully) those days are over. While we do encourage you to stick to your branding, studies are showing that authenticity is highly valued on social media, especially by the younger generations. People are more interested in the behind-the-scenes of your business than the most polished version of your product. They want to see the face behind the camera! Don’t be afraid to hop on your social media and say something quick and from the heart. Video content does not need to be perfectly polished and edited in order to be successful! Post that five second video of your office or your go-to coffee shop, but especially share the less glamorous moments of your daily work.

If you still feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone! We totally believe in you and we have your back if you need some support creating your content! The algorithm is not going to punish you for continuing to post still photos and graphics. The algorithm is just happy you’re posting at all! The best thing you can do is stay consistent and creative– keep posting relevant content regularly, and while you’re at it, include some video in there.

Happy filming!

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