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Snow Day Marketing

Updated: Mar 11

While some of us are devastated by a two-day setback due to snow, marketers everywhere are rejoicing. Here in Harford county, Maryland we’re in the middle of a snow storm…on the first day of spring. Luckily, I think we’re all actually used to the absolute inconsistency on our state’s weather at this point. A snow day for a marketer means a whole day to catch up on content writing, follow up emails, and research- all vital parts of our job. That being said, here’s a few snow day to-do’s for all of my marketers stuck inside today:

1. Update your calendar

A good marketer utilizes several different platforms to distribute content including social media, blog posts, newsletters, mailers, and video. To fill all of these platforms, you need to stay organized. Today is a great day to formulate or update your scheduling strategy and schedule specific times and dates to work on specific processes which will make your life easier when you’re back in the office.

2. Follow up emails

A snow day is a great time to reach out to those leads that went cold. Stick to emails as not many people will be in the office and most will be checking their emails from their phones. If you don’t get any responses, it’s a nice reminder for them to come back to when they get back to work.

3. Clean up

When is the last time you cleaned out your photo and document folders? Again, staying organized is vital in this industry and messy files will just slow you down. Take a few minutes today to delete what you don’t need and reorganize what you do.

4. Write

The greatest complaint made my marketers is the lack of time to just sit and write. Marketing is all about content and content takes time to produce. A snow day is a great excuse to just sit down and write, making your life that much easier in the weeks to come. At the very least, make a list of topics you’ve brainstormed to make your writing a bit simpler in the future.

5. Get on Social Media

Being stuck inside means everyone will be on social media- make sure you are too! Be posting to your platforms and interacting with your followers on a day where the most people are likely to see your activity. Connect with some new people on LinkedIn, post a photo to Instagram, do whatever it is that generates traffic to your pages!

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