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Is Facebook Dead?

More and more often we’re being asked the question, “Do we really need a Facebook Business page?”.

If you’re looking for a one-word answer, here it is: YES. Wanna know why? Keep reading.

Facebook has 2.39 billion users. Most of them are 35 or older and at the prime age to spend their hard-earned money on your valuable products and services. This should be more than enough reason for you to lean back in your chair and think, “She’s right. I’d be crazy to delete a platform that gives me direct access to that many potential customers.”. However, if you’re still hovering over the Delete Page button, I have a few more reasons for you to reconsider:

· Your page might not be doing well because of you, not Facebook

Might as well come out of the gate with a little tough love. If you’re not seeing the results you want from your Facebook page, it might be your fault. I get it. It’s a lot easier to think that Facebook is underperforming rather than making more time in your schedule to work on your content or spend the money on ads. If you saw your content on your feed, would you like/comment/share? Are you posting when your followers are online? Are you posting consistently? Are you using video? Have you updated your tabs to include your services/reviews/menu? How about your About Me section? Your custom URL? Go through each section of your profile and make sure it’s optimized and then take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of your followers. If you were just coming across your business page, what could it offer you to make you Like your page and visit your website to get more information? Our company offers social media audits that do just that and gives you recommendations on how to improve your reach moving forward.

· Facebook is the third most visited website on the internet

Think about how many websites are on the internet. Google is the reigning champ and over the past year YouTube has taken over the runner-up spot. This drop in Facebook’s ranking started a lot of the gossip about Facebook being dead and not worth the time, but it’s still very much utilized. Where your website may show the professionalism of your company, your Facebook business account is a chance to be your follower’s friend. Let them see the personal side of your business and get to know your team in a way that makes them trust you for more than just your resume.

· 74% of Americans log in daily

That’s three quarters of its American users. This means that not only is everyone and their mother (literally) on Facebook, but almost all of them are using it extremely regularly. The way the algorithm is configured right now, if one of your followers likes a few of your posts then they’re likely to see your future posts on their feed for months.

· It offers features that you won’t find on Instagram/Pinterest/YouTube

One of the reasons I really like Facebook for business is because of all the valuable features that its social media competitors aren’t offering. Several platforms have Insights so that you can see your analytics, but Facebook’s are so thorough and useful in creating a strategy that works. The targeted ads are unmatched and are still performing incredibly well. While Instagram has started including new features such as polls and questions, they’re only available as stories whereas Facebook uses them in the feed. The customizable tabs on the left side of your Facebook page are also incredibly useful and give your followers access to all kinds of organized information about your company.

· Ad prices are going up

It has never cost more per click to run an ad on Facebook, which means business is booming. More folks are seeing the ROI on their Facebook ads and are more willing to pay for them the next time around. An average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month, so you could be missing a huge customer base if you’re not taking advantage of this platform and its features.

Facebook isn’t dead, people! Rather than deleting your page, let’s work together to create an effective marketing strategy for your company. There are all kinds of customers waiting to see your content!


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