Did you know that over two-thirds of North American retailers are utilizing social media influencers in their marketing strategy? Obviously, influencers are a huge asset to large companies who have a budget for celebrity endorsements, but small businesses can use local influencers just as effectively!

This month, I worked with Aroma Candle Studio (one of downtown Bel Air’s newest additions) to host a a local Influencer Event. The goal was to invite 10-15 local women who have a strong online following to come visit the studio, create a custom fragrance, meet women that they follow online in-person, and provide valuable content for their brands.

Events like this one are common in the city, but we rarely see them in Harford and Baltimore County. I’m so excited to not only show you how we organized and created this event so that you can do it yourself, but also introduce you to all of the incredible women who made it possible! Be sure to follow each of these ladies and businesses on Instagram!

First things first, you have to meet the Aroma Candle Studio team. You guys already know I’m a huge supporter of small business and downtown Bel Air especially, so having them be one of the newest additions to the Main Street family is such a treat! I’m telling you, this is unlike anything in Harford County. You spend time shopping over 100 scents and combine your favorites to create a custom candle. I’ve personally made about a dozen candles there already since they’ve been open and I’m still looking forward to going back again. My son’s idea of a perfect date for us is making a candle at Aroma and then getting cream of crab soup at Buontempo’s across the street. The studio is owned by Marc and Wendy Mills, who bring every bit of hospitality and charm that you would expect from a couple who spent so much time in Texas. They’re already growing roots in Bel Air and working on ways to help build up the downtown area. Keep an eye on their social media and website for lots of info on upcoming events this year! We have some fun things coming your way!

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