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15 Ways to Market Your Business

1. Social Media

I preach this day-in and day-out so I won’t spend too much time on it, but keep your pages updated, people! Interact with your followers! Let them get to know you and your brand! If you need help, you know who to call.

2. Host a free training

Set up a webinar or in-person training to help potential clients use your products or services effectively. Share your expertise with your audience and don’t forget to plug your services at the end if they need more help.

3. Get more from your current clients

Follow up with current clients and make sure they’re aware of all of the services that you offer. Ask them questions about their goals moving forward and let them know the benefits of adding on more of your products/services.

4. Ask for referrals

Wouldn’t it be great to be introduced to the people that your friends, family, and clients know? All you have to do is ask. You don’t have to offer any kind of referral bonus, but sometimes the referrals come in more quickly and regularly if you do. Millennial Marketing will send you a Target gift card every time you send us a lead!

5. Attend (or host!) a networking event

Want to reach more people? You need to meet more people. Try Facebook or Eventbrite to see where business owners/representatives are meeting in your area. Pro Tip: Collect as many business cards as you can, immediately connect with them on LinkedIn after the event, and send a follow up note reminding them what you do and ask who you can connect them with from your network to build their business. In most cases, they’re eager to return the favor.

6. Offer a promotion

You don’t need to give away the farm, just a little something to make potential clients feel like their getting the best deal possible. Millennial Marketing offers discounts to veteran-owned businesses and non-profit organizations. Enable the Offers tab on your Facebook and add them there so it’s easy to find.

7. Write a guest blog post

Here’s a little SEO hack: the more links there are to your website floating around the WWW, the more likely folks are to find your business. Writing a guest blog post on an affiliate’s website and linking it back to your website and social media accounts not only gets your name in front of a brand new audience, but increases your visibility on Google and other search engines.

8. Mutually beneficial partnerships

Align yourself with other business owners who have a similar demographic and promote their products/services to your connections. Nothing wrong with sharing clients with your friends!

9. Send regular email newsletters

More of the same from my pulpit- sending a monthly or bi-weekly email newsletter is going to increase your lead generation even if they rarely open them. Seeing your business’s name regular in their emails will drastically increase the chances that you come to their mind when they do finally need some help. Millennial Marketing offers this as a service, so if you don’t already have this strategy in place it’s time to give us a call.

10. Facebook groups

Groups can be an awesome platform to make new connections and ultimately new sales. We belong to several and engage with them regularly, including one for women-owned businesses, Mom Bosses, and another for young entrepreneurs in the area. These groups are specifically designed for networking purposes, so members are often eager to share your info and connect you with their circles in hopes that you’ll do the same. Bonus points for starting your own group!

11. Speaking engagements

It’s 2019 and it has never been harder to get people to show up for an informational session, but if you give yourself a few months to plan/prepare and invite the right people, this one almost always turns into new clients. Offer breakfast or lunch to give them a little extra incentive to show up and include a special offer for those who did show up. Don’t forget to record the whole thing so you can use it for content on your website or social accounts in the future!

12. Giveaways

EVERYBODY likes free stuff. Free consultations are pretty much assumed at this point, but it still doesn’t hurt to throw it on your Facebook page so that people know. Where giveaways really do well is when there’s some sort of contest in order to win. For example, we could offer a free month of service (approximately $500 value) on Instagram and make the stipulations that the winner would need to like and comment on the post (pump up that engagement so Instagram is more likely to show your posts on follower’s feeds) and tag two local businesses or business owners. That way after the winner is chosen, I still have a list of local business owners that I can reach out to separately.

13. Sponsor events

Sometimes this is awesome. Sometimes this is an enormous waste of money. For larger events (for example, a golf tournament) ask the organizers to provide you with a list of attendees so that you can follow up separately. If you’re not totally sure that your sponsorship will provide an ROI, at least sponsor an event where proceeds benefit a non-profit organization. It’s good for your soul, your social media content, and your tax write-offs.

14. Set up an affiliate program

An affiliate program turns your customers into your sales team. It’s similar to a referral program except that, with their first-hand knowledge of your products/services, they do more of the selling for you. When someone new comes on board, they get a cut! Everybody wins!

15. Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn ads

Seeing a dip in engagement or follower growth? It might be time to run an ad! This doesn’t have to be hugely expensive (although you get what you pay for) but will get your information in front of eyes that haven’t seen it before. This is an especially useful tool for upcoming events that you’re hosting/participating in.

Millennial Marketing works with you to create a full marketing strategy for your business, not just social media! Have a killer marketing tactic that we missed? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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