1. Social Media

I preach this day-in and day-out so I won’t spend too much time on it, but keep your pages updated, people! Interact with your followers! Let them get to know you and your brand! If you need help, you know who to call.

2. Host a free training

Set up a webinar or in-person training to help potential clients use your products or services effectively. Share your expertise with your audience and don’t forget to plug your services at the end if they need more help.

3. Get more from your current clients

Follow up with current clients and make sure they’re aware of all of the services that you offer. Ask them questions about their goals moving forward and let them know the benefits of adding on more of your products/services.

4. Ask for referrals

Wouldn’t it be great to be introduced to the people that your friends, family, and clients know? All you have to do is ask. You don’t have to offer any kind of referral bonus, but sometimes the referrals come in more quickly and regularly if you do. Millennial Marketing will send you a Target gift card every time you send us a lead!