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Meta Madness: What You Need To Know About The Newest Round of Updates

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that Meta will constantly change the features on its apps. A little birdie told me that Meta is working on some really cool changes to Instagram & Facebook’s Reels, analytics, and metric trackers and I’m here to spill all the secrets. Over the past few days, I’ve scoured the internet for all the dirt I can dig up on the changes you can expect. Friendly reminder that Meta prioritizes posts that use their features (especially when they’re new), so incorporating these elements into your content strategy will increase your visibility! Below, I’ve outlined some of the most notable changes, so you don’t have to rely on guesswork! 

First up, a few exciting updates to IG Reels. Video is still king, so utilizing these new updates should give your content an extra boost! 

Extended Reels Time: Users will be able to film Reels up to 10 minutes long. Yes, this IS just like TikTok’s new feature. Take advantage of this by setting up your camera while you create or package your product or by using a longer clip of your latest YouTube video. 

Downloading Public Reels: Users will be able to download Reels shared by public accounts. Reels can be downloaded and shared with a watermark of the Instagram account it was downloaded from. 

New Text Fonts & Features: 6 new text fonts will be available, including the option to outline text! We love to see it.

new instagram feature font and text types

New Video Editing Tools: The video editing tools will expand to include undo, redo, crop, scale, and rotate. Content creators, rejoice!

A/B testing: Users will be able to create 4 variations of the caption and thumbnail for the same Reel to test and optimize engagement. The Reel variation that performs the best within the first 30 minutes will be displayed on the user’s profile. *Disclaimer, this feature might just be available on Facebook. I’ve read mixed information about this one, so take it with a grain of salt!

Meta AI: Meta AI chats allow viewers to request specific videos based on their preferences, interests, or needs. These chats are designed to be used as personal assistants, providing more personalized experiences. Plus, the AI chats can be utilized to write posts & product copy. Like Chat GPT, but right on the app! 

new instragram feature meta ai

Reels Trends Hub: Search for trending songs, hashtags, and topics on the new Reels Trends Hub. We love the simplicity of this for small business owners trying to do it all themselves.

new instagram feature reels trends hub

Improved Insights: A few new Reel metrics have entered the mix! 

  • Users can view and analyze initial plays and replays for Reels created after September 21, 2023. Initial plays refer to the number of times your video plays for the first time. Replays refer to the number of times your video begins to play after the initial play. (To access these metrics, head to Insights > Reels > Choose a Post)

  • Watch time and average watch time will be included in analytics. Watch time refers to the amount of time people spend on your Reel over a given period of time. Average watch time refers to the amount of time your viewers were watching your Reel, on average. (Insights > Reels > Choose a Post) 

new instagram feature improved insights

Keep in mind that these features will be rolled out gradually, as Meta likes to test their new features on different audiences to track the performance of each one! I scoured the internet for an exact release date with no luck. Turns out, Meta does whatever the f*ck it wants to do. Some accounts already have access to some (or all) of these features, and others don’t. The Meta gods will bless you when they see fit. Don’t believe us? Need more information? Wanna see the stats for yourself? Check out the links below for some extra info! 

Meta News (App Updates): 

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