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Aroma Candle Studio DIY Kits

So, I don't know if you've heard, but there's this deadly pandemic raging across our planet that's forcing all of us to stay inside. COVID-19 has been detrimental to our sanity and our community, but some local rays of light are working hard to keep us entertained inside and keep their small business afloat during this difficult time.

Aroma Candle Studio only opened a few months ago on Main Street, but we're seeing big things from this new local fav. One way that they're navigating a customer base that's now quarantined is by offering DIY Candle-Making Kits that are easy, affordable, and FUN (plus, candles. amirite?). Also, BONUS, they dropped it off for FREE right to our front door. You can't beat it.

Titan (8) is already a huge fan of the shop. Marc and Wendy (the owners) once told him that he has a defined sense of smell so now my kid thinks he's a sensory prodigy. I asked him a few weeks ago where he'll want to visit first once we're allowed to be social again and his top 3 were Black Eyed Suzie's (the only crab soup that matters), Buontempo Brothers (the kind of pizza you're still thinking about years after having it), and Aroma Candle Studio. So when Wendy asked if we'd like to take advantage of their newest product offering, we jumped.

The cutest little Aroma bag showed up on our doorstep and was filled with everything we needed to create our custom candle. Notice the gift paper with little candles on it?? It's all about the details, people! Inside the kit we were given directions (bless up), wax, glass candle holder, fragrances, all of the containers and tools we needed, and even a few Easter eggs with goodies as a treat.

Normally, you're able to choose the scents that you're working with and you can either create a candle with one scent or you can mix the fragrances together to create something completely unique. Y'all know I like to live life on the edge, so I asked that Marc and Wendy surprise us with two scents. We were so excited to open our kits and find that we were given Pineapple and Bamboo.

We decided to mix ours, so we both ended up with similar-smelling candles, but what a fun time! It took all of 20 minutes from start to finish and we both had so much fun together.

Support small business during this difficult time and consider purchasing a DIY Candle Kit from Aroma Candle Studio on Main Street in Bel Air, MD. Your purchase will entertain your family, become a favorite quarantine memory, and help a local small business stay profitable until COVID is behind us! You can order your own DIY Candle Kit at!


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