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Decor Dreams From Harford County's Trendsetters

For some women, style is effortless. It's in their DNA. From a perfectly coordinated outfit to home decor that dreams are made of , this time of year is prime time for #bossbabes to do their thing.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of assembling some of Harford County's most fabulous women to work on a fall decor project for the books. Partnering with Native or Not, we asked six local influencers to style a custom table made by local artist, JR's Timeless Treasures. Owner JR Elliott creates every piece by hand with painstaking detail. The pieces are stunning without any help from our bloggers, but after their styling...well, you'll see.

First up is Melissa (aka @thehouseandthehostess). She's a decor junkie and was happy to help anyone who needed a hand. She could have showed up in a burlap sack and look incredible, but instead we paired her with Velvet Trunk and Spa on the Boulevard to complete her look.

@thehouseandthehostess being the hostess with the mostest at our pretend Friendsgiving

Stunning landscape generously provided by Jen Lane, owner of Belle Patri

If you think this pond is a cute little accent to these photos, wait until you see who shows up later

Melissa had custom name plates made for her display. The gold accents were so beautiful!

Our next local influencer is Julia Chang (@juliachanghappy). Fun Fact: Outside of being a mom of three littles and an online health and wellness coach, Julia is a Taekwondo master! Her all-white decor on JR's 10 foot live-edge table was breathtaking. Styled to perfection by The Pink Silhouette and Spa on the Boulevard.

How much cozier do you get than fur at the dinner table?

These florals? Donated by Belvedere Farms and delicately arranged by Washday Floral!

Color combos to die for

Tiffany from Washday Floral was on site to make sure that each arrangement was exactly what the girls had envisioned for this displays.

I mean, c'mon! Belvedere, you outdid yourself.

Carly (@oldnewriverview) gave us an old romance feel with used books, pillar candles, and a custom calligraphy runner! Her display perfectly coordinated with her gorgeous table and outfit styled by Velvet Trunk.

My inner Lit nerd was giving major heart eyes as she got everything set up!

Custom runner created by Coffee & Calligraphy

Beautiful hair and makeup by Spa on the Boulevard

Have you noticed the quality of these photos? We were in a bind, but were saved by an angel in the form of Kirstin Shepard of B. Beautiful by Kirstin. Thanks to her relaxed energy incredible eye, we were able to race against the sun and finish the entire shoot in great time.

This ray of sunshine is Gina (@theysteelemyheart). She's our all-natural angel. With her essential oils in tow, her delicate and simple designs perfectly fit her style. Before she started modeling her Urban Pearl outfit, she even kicked off her shoes and said, "This is more me!" Gotta love a woman who knows who she is!

100% in love with every single one of these custom tables

Savanna (@savtheexplorer) was our own personal Snow White- several horses followed her around during all of her photos! Her funky outfit was provided by Tiger Lily and hair and makeup expertly done by Spa on the Boulevard. Can we also just talk about this custom blue epoxy table? #swoon

Fun Fact: Sav is also my little sister!

The simplicity of these place settings and florals from Washday made JR's table shine!

Our last model, Sam (, couldn't have been more effortless stylish. She's all about decor, so this project was a no brainer. She took a super affordable approach and her table perfectly fit her esthetic. Outfit by Boutique44 and hair and makeup by Spa on the Boulevard!

All the heart eyes

When I was growing up, it felt like nothing fabulous could come out of Harford County. A decade later, and I'm constantly blown away by the women I meet from my hometown that prove that notion wrong. This styled shoot was more than just gorgeous photos featuring incredibly talented local vendors. It was the first time I saw the potential that my business had to connect women who were just like me: mothers, entrepreneurs, students, from different places and going different places, but all working their tails off. It was absolutely inspiring working with and getting to know each of the people involved in this project. I hope you love these photos as much as I do and that you follow, connect with, and support the people who made them possible.

Thank you to every person who helped make this possible! All participating vendors represent Native or Not, a local organization that connects Harford County residents (whether they be natives or transplants) to locally-owned businesses. Visit their website today for discounts and coupons to your favorite #HarfordCounty spots!

If you would be interested in volunteering your time or services and participating in a styled shoot, I want to hear from you! Send me an email at!


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